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Sometimes your dentist needs to numb a part of your mouth in order to perform an invasive procedure and injects medicine into your gum or inner cheek.

Your dentist will make sure that the area is completely numb before starting the procedure.. in most cases, these are minor and temporary and do not cause long-lasting problems.. 5 hill street richmond, Surrey TW9 1SX.

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Your tongue will usually feel numb after a dental procedure while the anaesthetic wears off. The typical unaesthetic causes numbness around the.

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The dentist uses special medicine called anesthetics to numb your mouth if you have a cavity taken out or a tooth pulled. The first thing the dentist does is place.

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The feeling of having your mouth numb is often described as asleep, full, or tingling. Depending on the treatment area, you may also feel.

However your child may receive local anesthetic to numb the area.. Surgical extractions are extractions that are more complex and often require sedation or.

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